Michael Jackson

        I greet you after a long break. Over the last few months I had a very busy schedule.Sadly I neglected in what most love or drawing. I decided now doubly catch up. I finished just portrt the King of Pop and I plan another. I've got a lot of work, I would like to draw a…

Mariah Carey is finished!

Hi. I greet you after a long break. Today, I want to commend the new Portet wykonamym traditionally pencils. This time I drew Mariah Carey. My favorite singer, admired the talent in childhood. I love her voice. Draw it gave me a lot of pleasure the more that I had such a long break in the drawing.

Piotr Cugowski

Over the last few days working on a new portrait. It was very difficult for me because I was not very clear image. This is a portrait of Piotr Cugowski. I worked on it approx. 23 hours. This is a drawing with pencils on A3 paper. Judge for yourself.

Edyta Górniak…finished!:-)

My new drawing I would like to dedicate this magnificent artist Edyta Górniak. It is my great inspiration since childhood. Her talent makes each song created a true masterpiece. Really very rare that someone has such a huge talent. She can do anything with his voice is very unique. I love her all the plates are invaluable to me.

Cesar Millan…3

The second portrait, which is already finished for me was extremely difficult. It is someone you know well, the world’s most famous dog behaviorist Cesar Millan. This time, the Society for their best canine friends Junior and Daddy. Portrait contains a lot of detail because drawing took me a long time about 27 hours. I think the result is interesting.…