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Edyta Gorniak is one of the most popular Polish stars. Distinguished by an extraordinary voice that even people niezaliczające appreciate the ranks of her admirers. Talent combined with the beauty of its guaranteed success. Edyta Gorniak singing career began in the theater, exactly popular in the 90s musical .Metro ‘.

The real success, however, passed the Eurovision contest in 1994, where he hit “Not I” won second place, which still remains a record-breaking achievement. There was no shortage of her career and inglorious moments, like the execution of the national anthem at the World Cup in Korea in 2002 After the ceremony, critics and colleagues in the industry have left on it to shreds. With time, more attention przykuwało her private life – depression, alleged suicide, unhappy love affairs, including publicized by the media relationship with television presenter Piotr Krasko and president of Radio Zet, Robert Kozyra. – I gained a respect for people, trust and love – said the magazine “Viva” of his career. – I managed to sing a few songs that changed someone’s life. I did not give to destroy the show-business. And I do not need to command the hundredth time its value. If something did not happen, apparently it was not given to me.

Edyta Gorniak Anna was born on November 14, 1972 in Ziebice in Lower Silesia. Singing since childhood. When she was 17 years occurred Zbigniew Upper television program “Everyone can sing.” In the same year she took part in the Festival of Polish Song in Opole, in the section “Debuts”. She received the award for a song called “Bad boy”. Gorniak made ​​her stage debut in the musical theater Buffo “Metro” Janusz Stokłosy, directed by Janusz Józefowicz. The premiere of the musical took place in January 1991. In Warsaw’s Teatr Studio Buffo, Gorniak also appeared in performances of “Do jukebox penny toss” (1993) and “Do not leave me …” (1994) with songs of Jacques Brel. Both directed by Janusz Józefowicz.

In 1993 Gorniak won the third prize at the Festival of the Baltic States in Karlsham. A year later, at the Festival Song Contest in Dublin took the second place for the song “That’s not me.” In the same year he was awarded the Charles Musioł at the festival in Opole. She also participated in the International Song Festival in Sopot.

In 1994, she released their debut single, “That’s not me” (words Jacek Cygan, music Stanislaw Syrewicz). Shortly after the premiere of the second track, “I’m a woman” (words by J. Cygan, music Wojciech Olszak). Both recordings for a long time remained on the sales charts. The debut album was Gorniak bears the title “The Touch”. Were on the tracks with the words Jacek Cygan, Jonah Kofta, Wojciech Młynarski. The authors have included music Wojciech Olszak, Piotr Rubik, Rafal Paczkowski and Stanislaw Syrewicz. The album was released by EMI Pomaton and producers were Rafal Paczkowski and Wojtek Olszak. The disc remains one of the best-selling albums (800,000 copies) in the history of Polish music. She was honored for her Fryderyk in the category of phonographic debut of the year.

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