A FEW WORDS ABOUT MYSELF … Hello everyone who visited my page :-) . My name is Joanna, but call me “Blanket”. I was born in Boleslawiec 7 January 1986 year. I graduated from Secondary School in Lubin. By profession I am a graphic designer. I spend a lot of time drawing, graphics, and photographs. Besides, I also love horses, which fascinated me from an early age. My main interests include the music (including classical music), video, reading books. I also spend free time in art galleries, participating in various exhibitions, meetings or workshops art.


ABOUT MY PASSIONS … This page is dedicated to my great passions, drawing and photography, where I spend most of the time. Inlaid been dealing with a child. I am trying to locate inspiration in everything that interested me. Most of my work is the result of accurate observation. I think that every even seemingly simple thing can turn out to be a great topic to create extraordinary work. For drawing I use a variety of techniques, including pencil, charcoal, dry pastel, mixed media. In its work, pay attention to detail, particularly by creating portraits, I try to get every detail so as to give them a realistic look. It is not an easy task and often requires a lot of patience. His talent was developing through participation in various art workshops organized by artists. At the age of eight or ten years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a painter working in Boleslawiec. It was with him in the studio, I started to learn painting and drawing techniques. It was my first contact with art. Later I met artists living and working in Legnica. I attended classes there in the Open Studio Art, organized by the Legnica Art Gallery, as well as private classes in drawing and painting, working with a live model. Another very important part of my life is photography, which also spend a lot of time. I think that in this area it is important to learn to see the world in a very complicated and recognize the true beauty in the simplest things. After observing the world and people can be a lot to learn. You also need to have an internal sensibility and technical skills. I think this is a great way to success in the field of photography. One of my favorite photographers Tomasz Tomaszewski, from whom I learned a lot. I believe that His lectures are very interesting. I also recommend the website Tomasz Tomaszewski. I value the photographer Andrew Grandsen. I would recommend  Have a nice time during odziedzin in my gallery. All drawings, designs, and other works on this website are created by me.