Guitar – my new drawing!

Hi, everyone. Today I am adding a new drawing of a guitar. I worked on it the last few days. It was one of the nicest work for me. P. S. Another work is a portrait of Shakira, who will soon finish.

New Jared!

I just finished a new portrait of Jared Leto. The hardest part for me was the hair, but I think I am making progress and soon it will look perfect.

Small Elephant

Hi. Today I publish a drawing of a small elephant. :-) This is a drawing made entirely of pencils in a small paper size (A4). I spent on it about 6-7 hours.

Drawings 2000-2001

Hello everyone. A few days ago while cleaning I found the drawings. Most of them were made in 2000-2001. It was at this time I started my adventure with the drawing. It's obvious my style. Anyone who knows my drawings may notice similar characteristics. I remember how much joy caused me to draw and how important it was for me…

Lech Janerka

July 12 this year, we celebrated the Day Berries in Chocianów. It is a celebration held every year in our city. It is an international event, which is accompanied by various competitions and concerts. This year, the star of the evening occurred Lech Janerka. It is a unique and very talented artist. Music is doing a rock. During the concert,…

Ian Somerhalder

Today I published promised earlier portrait of Ian Somerhalder. It is one of the most difficult portraits. Especially hair is not easy to draw but some how survived to the end. This is the result of my work.


Hello everyone. Today I am adding a new job. This time it is a portrait of a little boy named Staś. This work was not easy for me and especially the hair on which I spent a lot of time. However, survived to the end and I am happy with the figure. I think children are very interesting and rewarding…

Krzysztof Bogucki

Welcome back after a long break. :-) I just finished working on a new portrait. This time it's Krzysztof Bogucki. He is a highly valued and important figure in the world of showbuisnes. Now he is a manager of Ivan Komarenko. It is also an excellent composer and creator of many well-known Polish dance charts.

Les Paul Guitar

Hello everyone. Today I add a new artwork. This time it is a Les Paul Guitar. To create this work inspired me a beautiful photo of the guitar, which some time ago I found on the internet. For a long time I was thinking about this type of drawing. It was a big challenge for me,especially since this is my…

Gregory House

Portrait, which today put done with graphite pencils. The paper size is A3. I worked on it some twenty-odd hours. I chose Gregory House, because it is my favorite hero of the best medical series in the world. Since the appearance of the first episodes of the series in the form of the famous television DR House inspires me. In…