New Portrait

Hello to all visitors! Today I add another portrait. This time it's the famous Captain Jack Sparrow. One of my favorites as a movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". I love this video, which became a great inspiration for me to create this portrait.

KIing Of Pop

The work that we publish today is very important to me. Almost from childhood Michael Jackson was my great inspiration. From an early age I drew portraits of the King of Pop, but not always me coming out. I think this is one of the largest and most outstanding artists in the world, which reached the top. Many contemporary artists…


Today I put my first portrait of Avril Lavigne on which I worked for the last days. I've never done this kind of close-up portraits. It was a challenge for me! It is a work made entirely pencils type koh-i-noor. One of the elements truniejszych proved to me her hair. I think I'll draw her yet.

Jared Leto

Hello! :-) Today I am adding a new portrait. For a long time I worked on it and it is very important to me. This is my first portrait Jared Leto. I love 30 Seconds To Mars. This music is a great inspiration to me.  I performed work with pencils and graphite (Size 297x420mm). I hope that he will appeal.

Ozzy Osbourne

An Ozzy Osbourne portrait is a next work which today I am adding. I performed work with pencils and graphite. Above the whole I worked for two weeks, a total of 25h. It wasn't easily. He was it is one of portraits more difficult for me. I wish nice watching. :-)


Hi everyone. :-) Today I want to write something about the new portrait. Britney Spears is one of best and most well-known vocalists certainly in the world. Very much I value extraordinary talent and the exceptional timbre for myself for her. For ages I already thought above making her portrait , but I waited for an appropriate moment.

Środa Śląska 2012

08 June this year in Środa Śląska was a concert of Ivan Komarenko. He was it is one of the best concerts on which I was. I am inviting to see photographs in People And Concerts gallery.

Poznań 2012

The concert was held on 27 May this year on Sunday. He was organized in Poznań in the Square at the Chair. He was it is a very exceptional concert, since was organized on the occasion of the Day of the Child. From loudspeakers such works sounded as: "Biała suknia"; " Tango saute"; "Dom na wiślanym brzegu". Ivan Komarenko presented…

Gostyń 2012

14 April 2012 I had the pleasure to participate in Ivan's Komarenko concert in Gostyń. It was an unforgettable experience for me and all at the same time with very interesting experience. I think that it is man odbażony with exceptional artistic sensitivity which with ease is establishing contact with the audience. He always finds the circle of faithful listeners…