Ian Somerhalder – next portrait!

Welcome. I have good news for all the fans and of course the fans of Ian. I have just started work on his portrait. I think for about two weeks I could no longer publish it. Why I chose this time Ian Somerhalder? This is one of my favorite actors. He is known particularly for his role Boone Carlyle in…

My second exhibition!

Hello everyone! On 22/06/13 - 22/07/13 will be my second exhibition of drawings. The organizer of the exhibition is a café-club "Magiel". One of the main themes of the drawings will be exhibited portrait. Among the works will be able to see the faces of famous people such as Jared Leto, Avril Lavigne, Hugh Laurie known as the famed Gregory…

Krzysztof Bogucki

Welcome back after a long break. :-) I just finished working on a new portrait. This time it's Krzysztof Bogucki. He is a highly valued and important figure in the world of showbuisnes. Now he is a manager of Ivan Komarenko. It is also an excellent composer and creator of many well-known Polish dance charts.

Best tutorials!

How to draw with pastels? The best tutorials! For some time I think about it to start drawing with dry pastels. This is a very interesting technique where you can play with colors. Of course it is very important here as overlapping and combining colors by smudging pastels. You can also connect with pastel pencil. This gives a more interesting…

Les Paul Guitar

Hello everyone. Today I add a new artwork. This time it is a Les Paul Guitar. To create this work inspired me a beautiful photo of the guitar, which some time ago I found on the internet. For a long time I was thinking about this type of drawing. It was a big challenge for me,especially since this is my…

Gregory House

Portrait, which today put done with graphite pencils. The paper size is A3. I worked on it some twenty-odd hours. I chose Gregory House, because it is my favorite hero of the best medical series in the world. Since the appearance of the first episodes of the series in the form of the famous television DR House inspires me. In…


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Hugh Laurie again!

Another work that publish in a few days will be a portrait of Hugh Laurie in the role of the famous "HOUSE MD". I am a big fan of the movie. "HOUSE MD" The main character is an unconventional, crazy, yet brilliant doctor, heading a team Diagnostic Hospital in the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro. It is a figure that has attracted considerable…

New Portrait

Hello to all visitors! Today I add another portrait. This time it's the famous Captain Jack Sparrow. One of my favorites as a movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". I love this video, which became a great inspiration for me to create this portrait.


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