MICHAŁ SZPAK strona moja


About The Drawing

After a few years’ break, I come back with a new portrait. This time it is Michał Szpak. He has become my greatest inspiration. I remember the first time I heard King Of The Season, something woke up in me. Then I decided to take the pencils in my hand. Although it was not easy after such a break. I have never met with such a huge talent before no one has impressed me so much. But the idol is not only his repertoire, it is also his wisdom, his attitude towards people, understanding and love for people. I love you.

As for the portrait itself, it was not easy. Probably the most difficult was the hair I spent a lot of time on. I am not satisfied with them. But drawing hair has never been my forte. I hope you will like the portrait anyway.

Size: A3

Kooh-I-Noor HB-8B pencils, eraser, eraser in pencil Kooh-I-Noor Hardtmuth

time: 35h

title: Michał Szpak