This portrait I done with graphite pencils. The paper size is A3. I worked on it some twenty-odd hours. I chose Gregory House, because it is my favorite hero of the best medical series in the world. Since the appearance of the first episodes of the series in the form of the famous television DR House inspires me. In the future, I’m going to draw a Lisa Cuddy.

House ( Hug Laurie ) is the head of Department of Diagnostic Medicine at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital in New Jersey, his specialization is nephrology and infectious diseases. The House’s team for the first three seasons are: Eric Foreman, Robert Chase, Allison Cameron, and the fourth season Chris Taub, Lawrence Kutner, Remy Hadley. In the fifth season, after Kutner’s suicide, the team includes: Foreman, Taub, Thirteen. In the sixth season, the team also includes Chase, after parting with Cameron. In the seventh season, in place of Thirteen, there is Martha Masters.

Gregory House is referred to as a madman, yet excellent, world-class diagnostician. His unconventional approach, abduction (by himself mistakenly referred to as a deduction) and the need for solving medical cause that it was addressed to him, there are cases in which other doctors can not cope. Although it makes a lot of trouble, he can convince Dr. Lisa Cuddy, director of Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital, to his right. House for five years, was in a relationship with a lawyer Stacy Warner, split up shortly after the attack.

Part of the series of threads associated with the House’s Vicodin, which is used to relieve pain resulting from myocardial quadriceps. This injury also forced him to walk with a cane. In the first two sections of the 3 series House for some time has been fully operational in the leg. Despite the efforts of his friends, doctors, and James Wilson, Lisa Cuddy, none of the attempts to rehab is not freed him from addiction.


used media – Pencils Koh-i-noor HB-8B pencils 0.5, 0.7, eraser

working time – 23 hours (about two weeks)

original size – A3 (297 x 420)